Caring For Clients

Our clients are provided with the following services:

  • delivery of 300,000 pcs. of females within one week
  • lifelong service for delivered day-old chickens
  • vaccination of the chicks against Marek’s disease by live vaccine, spray vaccination of day-old chickens against infectious bronchitis and Newcastle disease, GUMBORO and ILT vaccination in hatchery
  • the option of debeaking of the hatched chicks by means of infrared machine
  • specialised transport of day-old chicken and hatching eggs
  • self-maintained parent farms in the system "ALL IN - ALL OUT"
  • rendering of the newest world expert knowledge in the field of poultry breeding (lectures, workshops)
  • using knowledge of poultry breeding and applied agricultural research
  • consulting in the areas of nutrition, health protection, processing and sales of eggs

Apart from the main products, INTEGRA offers the sale of:

  • hatching eggs 
  • pullets 
  • table eggs

isa brown ps layers chickens