Bovans Sperwer

The result of a balanced breeding program, the Bovans Sperwer is a good living and robust layer. The Bovans Sperwer is a barred feathered brown egg producer, a type of backyard bird that adapts well to challenging environments. An easy to manage and robust bird. Good egg production and nice brown eggs, with a higher bodyweight.

Calm laying hen for all kinds of hobby farming

Performance comparable to intensive rearing

Brown eggs

Bovans Sperwer
Growing Period 17 Weeks
Liveability 97 %
Body Weight (5 Weeks of Age) 370 g - 385 g
Body Weight (17 Weeks of Age) 1470 g - 1550 g
Feed Consumption (17 Weeks of Age) 6,5 kg
Laying Period 18 - 72 Weeks
Liveability 95 %
Age at 50% Production (Days) 142
Percent Peak 96 %
Average Egg Weight 61 g
Hen Housed Eggs 331,7
Hen Housed Egg Mass 20,2 kg
Average Feed Consumption per Day 122 g
Kg Feed / Kg Eggs 2,3
Body Weight (72 Weeks of Age) 2175 g - 2290 g