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Modern Breeding and Hatching Facilities

INTEGRA is the Czech Distributor for the world-class layer brands of Hendrix Genetics.

It is our goal to unlock the genetic potential of these layers through the pursuit of superior chick quality, after sales service and our partnership approach which delivers exceptional support to our customers.

We have a committed team of staff with a wealth of technical and commercial experience. The pursuit of customer service and chick quality lies at the core of our day to day activities. Operating modern breeding and hatching facilities we have the capacity to supply and deliver the high volumes often needed by our customer. Our hatchery has high standards of hygiene, biosecurity and traceability required by the poultry industry. 

A leader at day old layer chicks distribution for over 30 years

During more then the 30 years of our existence, we have set out to become a major company in Europe. Today we produce eggs that produce day-old chicks in more than 20 European countries. Our high-quality hatching eggs are also exported to countries outside Europe.

Brown and white birds
Petr Krul

We are always one step ahead

Petr Krul
Petr Krul
Managing Director INTEGRA

Our Products

Hendrix Genetics are focused on innovation and excellence in animal breeding. Their layer breeds, such as the ISA Brown, Bovans Brown, and Dekalb White can trace their ancestry to famous breeders in Europe and North America. A commitment to R&D which is unmatched by rivals has resulted in world class modern hybrid layers that show excellent performance over extended cycles, in all housing systems. We also offer hybrids from the Moravia breeding program for traditional backyard in Central and Eastern Europe.