The Story of ISA

In 1975, the Ministry of Agriculture in France were determined to develop a poultry sector which would be able to compete internationally. Led by Alain Audubert, an independent appraisal of the poultry breeding sector in France concluded that future international success should be based on excellence, innovation and research.

This philosophy became the guiding scientific principle behind the “Institut de Sélection Animale” (ISA) which was formed by the merger of the poultry stock of two organizations, Studler S.A. and I.N.R.A. Magneraud (INRA-M). A commitment to excellence in breeding, innovative research techniques and constant improvements in pursuit of the perfect expression of the breeds genetic potential lies behind the success of the ISA Brown.

As a result, by the mid 1980s, the ISA Brown had become a global brand and worldwide leader in the world brown egg market. This position has remained ever since.

The ISA Brown Today

The ISA Brown is recognized globally for its exceptional feed conversion, which makes it one of the most efficient, proven and profitable brown egg layers in the world.

Producing high numbers of first quality eggs, per hen housed, the ISA Brown is a reliable and versatile layer with excellent feed conversion which adapts well to differing climates and housing systems. Optimal egg size, strong shells and great laying persistency also make the ISA Brown perfectly suitable for longer laying cycles.

ISA Brown

Great egg production potential

Good adaptability to various conditions

The world’s most efficient laying hens

Bred for long laying phases (72-90 weeks of age)

Growing Period 0 - 17 Weeks
Liveability 98 %
Body Weight (5 Weeks of Age) 388 - 408 g
Body Weight (17 Weeks of Age) 1476 g - 1552 g
Feed Consumption (17 Weeks of Age) 5,9 kg - 6,2 kg
Laying Period 18 - 90 Weeks
Liveability 94 %
Age at 50% Production (Days) 144
Percent Peak 96 %
Average Egg Weight 62,9 g
Hen Housed Eggs 420
Hen Housed Egg Mass 26,4 kg
Average Feed Consumption per Day 112 g
Kg Feed / Kg Eggs 2,10
Body Weight (90 Weeks of Age) 2000 g