Transporter for day old chicks

Published on Jan. 8, 2018

Transporter for day old chicks

Last year we decided to buy a new truck for of transport day old chicks. We chose transporter Renault Master Ultra light 3,5 tone. It is a  new technology from company VEIT ELEKTRONICS with capacity up to 20.000 day old chicks.

The truck enables full automatic operation. There are two sensors in load area which monitore temperature, air flow and CO2 control system.  So the drivers can check the condition of chicks from cabin comfortably and after unloading at the farm they can print protocol of temperature during transport.

The air circulation is solved through filter system which is easy and quick to clean after each delivery of chicks. Then all space is washed and disinfected. 

All equipment is produced from stainless and plastic materials which quarantee top hygienic safety during all operation.

Since April 2017 the truck has made very reliable run and it transported over one milion chicks to our customers. 

This transporter is used for transport around Czech Republic and abroad. The longest journey with chicks has been almost 2000 km to the town of Megara in the south of Greece.

We believe our transporter will make many kilometers and shipped chicks.

Author: Ing. Marek Zatloukal Ph.D.

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