Expansion of the hatchery capacity

Published on Jan. 14, 2018

Expansion of the hatchery capacity

The company INTEGRA a.s., is now devoted to modernizing its premises. The hatchery of Přísnotice is not an exception. The equipment of the hatchery built in 1997 hasn´t been efficient enough to cover the demand of day-old chicks, therefore it was necessary to expand the premises of the hatchery. Two older buildings were connected by a new modern hall with an area of more than 700 m2, which is built from sandwich panels.  

In the first step of the expansion, the hatchery was equipped with a completely new technology made by Belgian company Petersime. We purchased six new Biostreamer setters featuring several functions such as CO2 level scanning and Ovoscan, which are sensors monitoring the temperature of the embryos. They extend the preloading capacity to a total of 1,267,200 eggs. And we have also three new Biostreamer hatchers with the Synchro-Hatch function that is able to detect the beginning of hatching by motion sensor and to adjust the hatching cycle, which extends the capacity to a total of 211,200 eggs. Biostreamer technology, in addition to the color touch control, has a new and very useful function called Eagleeye, which allows you to control the technology with a computer or a smartphone anywhere. According to the current system, hatching is done twice a week. That means, depending on the quality of the material and the hatching process, the weekly production of up to 170,000 day-old hens can be achieved.

Another part of the new area is designed for cooling and storage of hatching eggs. This is a temporary solution. Increase in number of setters in the new hall will be the next step in technology extension. This new technology needed sufficient cooling capacity, which was solved by the new TRANE outdoor cooling unit. Depending on increased number of setters it is necessary to add also the number of hatchers. 

In the future, we plan to extend the hatchery to warehouse for a day-old chicken, hatcher boxes, veterinary treatment area and the expedition room. The new investments influence not only quantity but also quality of day-old chicks shipped to the customers. Satisfied customers and positive feedback are huge motivation for the whole hatchery team.

Author: Ing. Hubert Šťastný

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